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Let your wheels do the talking!

    Outdoor advertising is a way to bring your message across to a large audience. Mobile advertising (taxies, busses, golfcarts, etc.) offers the advantage to focus on your target audience in a much better way. Rigidisc-Media arranges campaigns in specific areas and regions and on specific vehicles. This guarantees for the highest possible attention thanks to this unique way of outdoor advertising.

    Taxi advertising
    In the city centers, near railway stations, schools, on highways, taxies can be found everywhere: “taxies go where the money is”. Taxi advertising is a fast growing medium and Rigidisc-Media makes it possible for you to make it worthwhile. A hubcap with a message attracts the attention, a non-rotating hubcap on a driving vehicle is an absolute eye-catcher.

    Bring your message across!
    Your advertisement makes the difference and your message will come across. Attention guaranteed thanks to our unique concept.

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